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Stephen Bradbury

"In the Garden of Eve"
Artist: Rob Schouten


Conrad, 1982.


Integrate Your Divine Masculine and Feminine People often ask me for energy updates and what’s up on the planet these days. If I had to put into a few words, what I feel we are asked to do - by the divine, it is to become more deeply balanced. If I look at humanity as a whole, I’m not sure what kind of report card I could give out. To the loving men and women in my life, I see vast growth, improvements and kindnesses. While staying balanced may sound easy if one is cruising along through life, I’m talking about a deeper kind of spiritual balance. It’s easy to say, “Oh yea, I’m in balance.” It takes vigilance to find and remain in the deeper balance.I am talking about a true balance of all parts of you. This means balancing the inner with the outer, the masculine with the feminine, the active with the passive and the adult with the inner child. So you might ask yourself a few questions.1. Am I gentle and kind most of the time?2. Do I care about myself and then others?3. Am I assertive when I need to be?4. Do I take special care of myself5. Do I listen to my intuition?6. Do I trust myself?7. Am I self reflective as well as self-protective?8. Do I have loved ones who help protect me?9. Do I meditate, relax and breathe deeply daily?10. Do I request guidance from wise loved ones on the questions of my life?11. Do I spend time going out as well as going in?12. Do I rest in nature as frequently as possible?13. Do I exercise and do things that are fun?14. Do I remember to play or listen to music?These are just clues to finding your balance. Each of us has to find our own way. There is no prescription that works for everyone. You are the one making your decisions. Your loved ones, peers and pressures may influence you but it is you who makes your way and lives with the decisions.I am here to remind you that wherever you are on the path, there are always ways to get back home, to greater well-being, better health, better attitudes, and better situations. Lots of love,Dawnwww.intuitivecallings.comArtist ~ Outi Harma
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